Matteo Ippoliti – Italian translator and Interpreter in Dubai, UAE

Matteo Ippoliti, Legal Translator in Dubai, Profile PhotoMatteo Ippoliti, Italian Legal translator and Interpreter in Dubai, UAE.
Qualified and Certified Translator of English, French and Italian. Project Manager of The Language Professionals.

Born and raised in Abruzzo, Italy, I come from a family of linguists. My father was a French language teacher and my mother an English language teacher. My sister is also a linguist (specialising in Chinese language and culture).

Having always been fascinated with travelling, cultural differences and foreign languages, I decided to study English and French at high school. Then, I honed my language skills at University graduating at the Advanced School for Interpreters and Translators of Forli (SSLMIT), d at the University of Bologna in Italy. During this 4-year degree course, I acquired the techniques and knowledge to work as a professional translator and conference interpreter at the highest level. I also spent one academic year at the University of Warwick in the UK (Humanities Department). Visit the page on my professional qualifications.

After graduation I worked for 8 years as freelance translator and interpreter for a large number of clients across the world. I worked on projects, lasting from a few weeks to several months, in many countries around the world, from Europe in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, to North America. I also held work visas in Canada and Australia where I spent more than one year working full time as a freelancer in Montreal and Sydney. To date, I have visited more than 50 different countries and published two books on some of my travels.

I moved permanently to Dubai, UAE, in 2012 a city where multiculturalism, innovation, and business are combined together resulting in a unique environment full of dynamism and opportunities. My passion for helping clients to communicate effectively across different cultures and using different languages inspired me to create LangprosThe Language Professionals, a network of 2,000 translators who are able to handle projects in over 100 languages.

Although I am still involved in translation and interpreting projects in English, French and Italian, I now can provide my clients with a wide variety of services to maximise their results and performances in the globalised market.

Testimonials about some of translation projects.
I am an active member of several groups and association including BNI Middle East which is a formidable way to build relationships, expand networks and gain more business through the Givers Gain philosophy.